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Panduit Introduces Best-in-Class 40GBASE-T Channel Performance

April 3, 2013, Tinley Park, IL

Panduit, a global leader in Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI)-based solutions, successfully presented a best-in-class channel designed to support 40GBASE-T.

As the global leader in cabling and connector technologies, Panduit engineers understand that our cabling and connectors influence the power consumption and overall complexity of the equipment it is connected to.  By designing a cabling system that improves channel parameters such as return loss by about 9dB and the crosstalk between pairs by about 40dB, our cabling system has the potential to reduce the equipment power by over 30% when compared with preliminary 40GBASE-T cabling concepts.  In addition to using less electrical power overall, this reduction reduces the need for cooling and simplifies equipment designs resulting in lower OPEX and CAPEX.

This presentation took place at the International Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.3 NGBASE-T study group meeting in Orlando, FL, March, 19, 2013.  This is described in the presentation titled “Methods for Improving Return Loss in Order to Reduce PHY Power”. The key to achieving this breakthrough performance is through Panduit’s revolutionary connector technology, which still maintains backwards compatibility with all existing RJ45 Category 6A, 6 and 5e plugs enabling a seamless upgrade path to 40GBASE-T.

“This proof-of-concept shows Panduit is committed to delivering the best 40GBASE-T solution to our customers,” said Ron Nordin, Director of Research.  “Panduit understands that our customers desire a 40 Gigabit solution that offers the traditional BASE-T advantages such as structured cabling, auto-negotiation, and backwards compatibility.  However, we also know that power and cooling are top of mind concerns for today’s data center managers and we want to make sure our cable offering helps solve these problems.  We want our customers to know that Panduit is committed to providing innovative solutions to their problems.”

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