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Panduit Introduces SmartZone™ Intelligent Infrastructure Management

April 8, 2013, Tinley Park, IL

Panduit Corp., a global leader in Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI)–based solutions, announces SmartZone™ Solutions for physical infrastructure management, which bring together Panduit intelligent appliances, gateways, software and services for the data center and enterprise to deliver optimized monitoring and analysis of environmental and energy data at a zone level critical to your business requirements.

SmartZone™ Solutions allow you to gain an actionable understanding of power/energy, asset tracking/connectivity and thermal efficiency within key sections of the data center and enterprise,” said Alex Gordy, Panduit Vice President of Intelligent Solutions. “This solution allows data center and facilities professionals to manage IT assets and overall capacity more efficiently, ensuring the physical infrastructure is prepared to support mission critical applications by monitoring space, connectivity, power, and cooling resources.”

Newly released Panduit PIM™ 5.0 Software lays the foundation for effective data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and enterprise applications through accurate, real-time tracking and reporting on the allocation and utilization of critical IT assets, and provides up to the minute data on connectivity, energy and environmental performance. The software features an innovative new graphical user interface (GUI) that streamlines navigation and workflows, provides new tools for achieving greater overall efficiency, and gives facility and IT managers greater control in driving down operational costs.

PIM™ Software Platform Version 5.0 features include:

  • Intuitive new GUI design enhances the user experience by presenting a single ‘pane of glass’ view of all software functionality with a design that encourages sharing of data among stakeholders and allows for more informed decisions based on easily accessible and customizable reports.
  • Device discovery process eliminates manual asset tracking and provides real-time representations of the network and devices to prevent proliferation of outdated information.
  • Granular asset location data helps reduce the time of new asset deployment and enables reclaiming, repurposing and redeploying of existing assets. This improves operational efficiency and reduces operational expenses (OpEx) by eliminating asset losses and premature decommissioning.
  • Grouped power consumption and environmental analytics allow you to produce detailed reports on power used at the cabinet, rack and server level to ensure accuracy when billing usage back to customers or cross-charging internally.

 "Panduit launched its connectivity management system in 2009 and became a DCIM supplier in 2011 with Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software,” said Rhonda Ascierto, Senior Analyst in the Datacenter Technologies and Eco-Efficient IT practices at 451 Research. “This latest incarnation of the PIM™ Software addresses usability which is key for adoption and exchange of trusted data between IT and facilities operations.”

Visit to learn how SmartZone™ Solutions can provide you with operational and energy efficiencies throughout your data center and enterprise.

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