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About SOLiD Technologies

SOLiD Technologies is a global communications technology innovator that enables cellular and public-safety communications indoors and outdoors through industry-leading RF Amplification and Optical Transport solutions. Their Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Backhaul products have been deployed at leading hospitals; Olympic, professional, and college sports venues; government, university and Fortune 500 corporate buildings; metropolitan subways; and other marquee sites.

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SOLiD Technology Product(s)

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Network Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Fiber Cabling System
  • Copper Cabling System
  • Rack and Cabinet System
  • Cable Management System
  • Grounding System

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS):

  • Alliance Multi-Carrier DAS
  • Titan 20W Multi-Band DAS
  • Express Single-Carrier DAS
  • DAS Management System
  • Link Balancer
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