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Panduit Announces the Opening of the New Jack E. Caveney Innovation Center

February 16, 2015, Tinley Park, IL

Panduit Corp., the leading global provider of innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions, announces the opening of the new 18,000 sq. ft. Jack E. Caveney Innovation Center in Tinley Park, IL that will accommodate more than 70 members of Panduit’s Research and Development team.  Named for one of the most prolific inventors in the industry and the founder of Panduit, the Center will carry on his legacy that began almost 60 years ago. Throughout this period Panduit has introduced thousands of problem-solving new products, achieved over 780 U.S. patents and remains demonstrably committed to advancing state-of-the-art solutions.


“Our new environment is sleek, attractive and high-tech — perfect for attracting new talent and fostering creative thinking,” said Andy Stroede, Senior Vice President, Research and Development. ”Panduit has also invested in constructing almost 20,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space, that includes a world class thermal laboratory with a 640kW capacity on-site for R&D, partner-inclusive testing, and validation of real-world scenarios. This lab has been designed to push the limits of power and cooling infrastructure that we understand will be required in customers’ future data centers.”


“The labs in our complex include a copper transmissions lab, an optics lab, an anechoic chamber, a data center thermal lab, and an industrial automation lab, that is probably the most hands-on space where we visualize, test and architect converged solutions designed to benefit IT migration onto the factory floor,” said Stroede.  “Hosting contractors and system integrators, along with our partners like Cisco and Rockwell helps us solve real-world challenges encountered in a variety of industrial environments.”


“Collaborating with our partners, academia, industry consortiums, and standards bodies allows Panduit to be an advocate for the industry and to continue to challenge the status quo in Data Center, Enterprise, and Industrial Automation environments,” said Stroede.  “This new high-tech facility provides a superior environment to nurture these efforts.”

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