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Panduit IntraVUE™ Software Provides Real-Time Visibility into Critical Plant Network Infrastructure

December 28, 2015, Tinley Park, IL
Panduit Corp. announces a new release of IntraVUETM Industrial Network Visualization and Analytics. This release narrows the scope of problem detection by allowing the user to establish custom key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide managers with real-time visibility into critical plant network infrastructure, improving uptime and performance.
IntraVUETM software addresses the challenges unique to industrial environments, providing visibility into all levels of devices and connectivity, and enabling operational field technicians to efficiently communicate with IT resources. IntraVUETM software also helps to speed both documentation and deployment, with advanced analytics to optimize ongoing performance.
According to Mark Fondl, Director of Business Development, “Armed with this information, IntraVUETM software empowers controls professionals to shift to a proactive approach, as opposed to a reactive response approach, responding only when a disruption occurs. This can greatly improve both the uptime and performance of these critical, real-time networks.”
To experience how IntraVUETM Industrial Network Visualization and Analytics can help Simplify Robust Industrial Network and IoT Deployment, visit or email us at to schedule a demonstration. Existing customers can download version 2.4.0 of IntraVUE™ software at
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